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A fitness programme for life? How to sustain it.

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Jump for joy!

Jump for joy!

Over 50% of people taking up a fitness programme drop out within 6 months. If you can sustain your programme to 9 months, you are more likely to break the barrier and stick with it long-term. But some people never get to that stage, trying year after year to lose a bit of weight or take up running yet again. How can you change your behaviour effectively?

Self-discipline is key. But few of us have as much as we would like. There are many barriers that get in the way of exercise: driving the family around, a sudden work deadline, the flu, a car accident, an unexpected phone call, dark nights that stop you going out, a child getting sick, yes the list of barriers is endless. We all live over-busy lives these days. But some people seem to manage it, so you can! It helps to have a buddy to get you back on track, and the best incentive is actually enjoying exercise. There is no point in lifting weights week after week and hating every minute of it. Find an activity you enjoy, get the family to join in, and make it part of your lifestyle. If you have to miss it from time to time, just carry on when you can, forgive yourself and set yourself a realistic goal. I can help you with this. I will coax, encourage and keep pestering you with hints and tips to help you progress. Once I hear and understand what you want to achieve I will set up a programme with you and stay with you. I have several different techniques which can help you along. Get in touch NOW!

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