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Come and try Mindfulness Relaxation with Sally at Holt Consulting Rooms on Saturday 10 August!

2nd August 2019.Humanity

I am pleased to announce I will be presenting an Introduction to Mindfulness Relaxation at the Holt Consulting Rooms’ Health and Wellbeing Open Day on the 10th August. Beginning at 10am the Open Day will be a fantastic opportunity to get an understanding of how different therapies can help overcome many common mental and physiological […]

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How can Pilates help your mental health?

26th April 2019.Humanity

Pilates is just a bunch of stretches and poses isn’t it?  I can see why it would help my back and joints, but how can it possibly affect my mind? I have been a psychotherapist for 12 years and a Pilates teacher for 9.  Having spent so many years poring over books and academic papers, […]

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Work is very stressful but I don’t need therapy…….do I?

7th September 2018.Humanity

We all need help at times in this busy whirlwind work life we have created for ourselves. When taking a break for lunch becomes “impossible”, or having a holiday now and again sounds like a forgotten dream, it’s time to stop and think, “What happened?” “When did things change?” “Why do I feel like a […]

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Are You In Love With What You Do?

13th May 2018.Humanity

Valentine’s Day is the traditional day for celebrating romantic love – but thinking from another angle, are you in love with what you do? Or is it the same old grind every day? Maybe you live in fear of Monday mornings……. We are creatures of habit. We tend to get into a rut because we […]

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Meet Molly – she is too busy to keep fit – sound familiar?

31st March 2018.Humanity

Health and Fitness case study: Molly, aged 37, wife, mother and part-time marketing executive Molly loves her job and would like to work full-time but has a husband and two teen-aged children who need her too.  Molly works six hours a day (sometimes more) and often travels for work.  In the evenings she is busy […]

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Should you send a cover letter for a job application?

23rd February 2018.Humanity

So many job applications nowadays oblige you to complete pages and pages of forms and don’t give you the chance to add anything uniquely personal about why you are applying for the job.  However, sometimes there is a box which acts as a “cover letter”, asking you which skills you have which match the job, […]

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A fitness programme for life? How to sustain it.

22nd December 2017.Humanity

Over 50% of people taking up a fitness programme drop out within 6 months. If you can sustain your programme to 9 months, you are more likely to break the barrier and stick with it long-term. But some people never get to that stage, trying year after year to lose a bit of weight or […]

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Why come to me for counselling?

26th November 2017.Humanity

WHAT I do is help people to make changes in their lives to live more happily, doing what they really want to do and being themselves. HOW I do it is by working either one-to-one or with groups of people, listening to them, using psychological interventions to teach them new ways of behaving and reacting […]

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Do you sometimes forget you have a body as well as a head?

4th October 2017.Humanity

Are you so busy working by thinking that you neglect what your body is telling you? Any alarm bells going as you read this? Today’s society is so fast paced and emphasizes achievement so much that we are all constantly “on the go” without stopping to smell the roses!  When was the last time you […]

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