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Do you sometimes forget you have a body as well as a head?

4th October 2017..0 Likes.1 Comment
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Jump for joy!

Jump for joy!

Are you so busy working by thinking that you neglect what your body is telling you?

Any alarm bells going as you read this?

Today’s society is so fast paced and emphasizes achievement so much that we are all constantly “on the go” without stopping to smell the roses!  When was the last time you actually saw the places you passed on your journey to work, or tasted the food you stuffed down at lunchtime?

Unfortunately, society is not going to just let up and allow us all to slow down, so it is important that we practice self-care.  This means building pleasure and healthy activities into our everyday lives in whatever way we can.  If you can cycle or walk to work enjoy the fresh air and exercise while reflecting on the passing seasons as you travel.  Listen to your body’s demands for food or drink, take a rest and address these needs.  Make sure there is time to do something just for fun in your spare time, apart from domestic chores and yet more work.

Pay attention to your holistic health – that means what is going on in your head as well as in your body.  There is wide spread anxiety and stress because people don’t pay attention to their own needs and as time goes on the symptoms increase and become “mental health issues” which are so much harder to fix!

Be aware!  Prevent later problems by taking care of yourself every day and smelling the roses!  Or the lavender !

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