Counselling and Transformational Coaching



In my psychotherapy work I meet many people who suffer from severe anxiety and stress. These are common symptoms in today’s society, where demands are great and we are expected to multi-function and achieve continually. A workshop on anxiety reduction and stress management may be help you to become aware of why you worry so much and allow you to change your everyday reactions and behaviours in order to cope better. There are many ways to deal with these problems and every individual has different needs.

Some of the issues I deal with are: perfectionist behaviour, need to control situations and events, living in the head (forgetting you have a body too!) and a strong desire to please everyone! Do you recognize any of these characteristics? If so, sign up for a workshop in Norfolk and start worrying less and living more.


  • Creative Writing for well-being monthly group Fakenham Library
  • Exam support workshop (presented regularly to groups of trainee doctors, East of England Deanery)
  • Well-being for Academics (British Sociology Association)
  • Reducing stress and anxiety in times of uncertainty + Introduction to Mindfulness (The Sanger Institute)
  • Managing stress and anxiety in an uncertain world (Marshalls Aerospace and Defence Group)